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The Legal Taxi provides a unique, flat-fee legal research tool that is fast and hassle free. Send, manage, and monitor legal research with your own interactive dashboard. It can also serve as a one-stop solution to access and manage your research memo database. As your practice grows, this database will allow you quick and easy access to all your past research. No more time consuming searches through case files. Spend your valuable time with clients while your virtual legal researcher does the groundwork.
"I have used Legal Taxi for my legal research including, on one occasion, an Appellate Brief and as a result they have become an integral part of my business. Always producing accurate, detailed research under my deadline and on a reasonable budget."
Mike Demler, Esquire

Legal Taxi offers private practitioners and in-house counsel a new, effective, and efficient way to conduct legal research. We provide an easy-to-use, online service...
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